5 jobs you can do from home that pay well

Tuesday, 5 March 2019

As a full-time traveling woman, I’m always on the lookout for ways to make cash that allow me to work from wherever in the world. Whether you are seeking a location-independent lifestyle or just want to earn some extra bucks from home, here are five well paying income opportunities!

For the English nerds and technical writers, proofreading is a great way to make loads of cash online. With numerous companies like ProofreadingPal and Wordvice, getting started as a freelance proofreader has never been easier! The average full-time proofreader salary is around $36k a year, with contract positions offering even more. I know several travel bloggers who supplement their travel funds by proofreading part time.

As a blogger, how could I leave this one off the list? In a time where blogging tutorials, free courses, and resources are readily available all over the internet, why not make money blogging about one of your passions? Bloggers across the globe are raking in thousands of dollars each month through affiliate links, brand collaborations, and ad space. This could be you!

Website Design
Looking to develop a new, marketable skill? Web design is a hot market for earning money from home and getting qualified only requires an online course or two! As personal blogs and business websites continue to grow by the thousands, the demand for good web designers has never been greater. A freelance web designer can make anywhere between $26k and $100k in a year, depending on their skills and the type of client and contracted web designers earn around $55k annually. What are you waiting for? Go get qualified!

Online Course Creation
A new type of business has been tearing up the market it recent years, and that is the business of online course creation. Though some confuse it with blogging, creating online classes around your personal area of expertise for a niche audience is actually quite a different platform for money making. The average course creator has three levels of money making courses, each with a higher price point and more value than the last and successful course creators can make around $10k a month! There are plenty of resources and business coaches ready to get your started on your path to course creation success.

Online Tutoring/ESL
Have a degree and want to make money teaching from home? With businesses like VIPKID, GoGo Kid, Quora and many more, you can make around $20 an hour from the comfort of your living room. As many of these companies allow you to set your own schedule, you are free to work when and where you want. Personally, I work for VIPKID and find the flexibility, pay, and resources all top caliber. For more information on getting started with VIPKID, see my bio below!

Being location-independent has never been more possible. Time to get your grind on, girl!

By Natalie West

Natalie West is an international travel blogger from Colorado, USA currently living in northern Spain. She is an online English teacher, freelance writer, and full-time adventurer who loves Pinterest, sushi, and reality TV. To learn how to become a VIPKID teacher like Natalie, visit her website at InternationalNat.com.

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