How to handle the boss from hell

Tuesday, 5 March 2019

Are you sick of feeling stressed out and powerless in your own job? Very few people are best friends with their bosses and I’m willing to bet there are many of you who metaphorically speaking of course, work for someone who resembles the shiny red guy from down under.

To save your sanity we’ve put together some of the best ways to handle your boss and hopefully make things easier.


Be assertive

It is important that you stand up for yourself in the workplace but remember there is a difference between being assertive and being aggressive. Showing aggression, especially towards your boss will only make things worse. An assertive person listens to others opinions and feelings and takes them into consideration before voicing their own in a calm manner.

Try and stay one step ahead

Sometimes bosses who micromanage are feeling stressed out and that they don’t have everything under control, you can help your boss (and yourself) feel at ease by staying ahead with daily tasks, check in with them and let them know what has been done. Ask your boss if they need anything else done. This shows your boss how competent you are and that you’re willing to work hard.

Accept when you’ve made a mistake

It is true that we learn from our mistakes. Take everything as a learning curve and ask yourself, “what could I have done to prevent this?” or “what can I do differently if this happens again?” You will find this a valuable way to understand how you and your boss work.

Don’t give your boss a reason to snap

Keep your promises, follow workplace guidelines and show your boss how much you care about your job by asking for feedback, this way you can squash any messy altercations before they arise.

Tell your boss how their words and actions make you feel

There’s nothing quite like good old fashioned communication; if you were embarrassed by your boss criticising your work in front of the entire team, let them know in a calm and respectful manner.

Don’t take their rampages personally and know when to take appropriate action

Sometimes you can do all the right things but your boss still seems to just have it in for you. It’s hard to know what’s going on in another person’s life, perhaps (not that it’s an excuse) they are having trouble in their home life or they too have a boss from hell. Some days you just have to take what they say with a grain of salt though with saying that nobody should be in a workplace that makes them feel inferior or uncomfortable.

Remember your rights and take appropriate action if necessary.

By Melissa Hawkes

Melissa is a freelance writer and skin specialist that loves to travel. She and her partner share a home in Western Australia with one extraordinary little boy and an entourage of animals.

You can follow her work and family life on Instagram @_melissahawkes

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