The pros and cons of finding love on the road

Wednesday, 6 March 2019

Finding love is never easy. But having found love while you’re on the road is something else.

Many fall into the situation of travelling to someplace exotic looking to “find themselves”,  but what happens if you end up finding someone else and not particularly yourself? Let’s look more into the Pros and cons of finding love on the road!


Finding love on the road can be one of many amazing blessings. You come across someone that shares one specific interest with like to travel! Just having that one specific thing in common can light up sparks in so many peoples eyes. Travel lifts souls like no one has seen before and to share those soul lifting moments with someone you adore can be such an heartful feeling.

Endless travel bud! Not only do you NOT have to worry about feeling alone on a sight-seeing tour  but you can take all the best hikes, drives and walks with your fellow lover who enjoys those activities too!

No need to bug strangers at every picture perfect moment, now you have an “Instagram-husband/boyfriend”. It sometimes can get very irritating to ask random people at every country and touristic spot to take a photo of you, not to worry now though you’ve got your camera guy! (unless you’d like a couple shot!)

Finding love on the road can seem very exotic at times. I mean, generally when you set out to travel you may visit a lot of countries with thousands of people from all over the globe. You meet people you would never meet in normal circumstances. In saying that, many trips back and forth from each others home countries come with that. You might even have to learn a new language to speak to the family, friends or get around your partners country. Exciting times indeed!

I think we can agree that finding love whilst travelling  can bring some brilliant changes to your life. But let’s now look into the cons.


Weddings! Where and how are you going to plan it? If you and your partner found each other while traveling and both of you just so happen to live on opposite sides of the world.. just how will you manage the wedding guest list? I’ll leave that one up to your imagination.

As the world moves into globalization we still have problems with communicating in the same language, but think about how to try and communicate in a completely different language without knowing it? Difficult I think.

Cultural differences. This one can play such a hard reality in relationships that have been found on the road. Not only is it difficult to go through the usual challenges with your partner, but think about the different cultural understandings with one another. These could be some of your low times as when arguments really get heated and neither of you know where to meet in the middle, due to being brought up completely differently - how are you meant to come to a middle perspective? This problem is actually one of the most common problems that couples who found love on the road have to deal with, and it can even be the problem which brings these types of relationships to an end.

By Rusha Paenga

I am Rusha, a young kiwi traveler just booking flights around the world to explore more than what was put in my corner of paradise, called New Zealand. I like to blog about Travel and Lifestyle, particularly about my personal experiences but I am also looking into sharing tips, tricks and advice posts as well as reviews for food & drink, hotels and more!  

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