Why I’ve never wanted to go to university

Tuesday, 5 March 2019

Throughout high school, I've never had such an ambition to go to university as the big American movies would display.

"He goes to Harvard, he goes to Stanford, she goes to Yale”…I would sit in my classroom and contemplate why the fuck I should learn why Macbeth was so important. What can Macbeth tell me about a mortgage? About loans? About debt? Can Macbeth tell me how to open a bank? Can Macbeth tell me how difficult it's going to be to get a house? Can Macbeth tell me how to wipe my arse?I just didn’t understand it. Not one bit at all.

I wasn’t too much of a school person, although I was quite passionate about a few subjects. It wasn't a secret that I bunked school a lot. In fact, the school started assigning a social worker to come and pick me up from where I was staying and take me to school so that I could redeem my attendance before the law got involved.It wasn’t that I hated all of school, it was only that I didn’t like going to certain classes.

So as I grew this dislike for school, I started to grow this dislike for other education establishments, such as a University. In my family, half of them wouldn't even bother talking about University and the other half just would not stop talking about it! As my days at high school started to become numbered, my dad's side of the family started questioning me about what I wanted to do after school. I already had something in mind. Move to Australia. They would always go back to the "question", "but don't you want to study something?" I would always roll my eyes and just look away, I was very certain that I didn't want to go to university. I didn't want to go back to school again and learn things that didn't exactly teach me what I really wanted to know. To me, it all seemed like a waste of money, a waste of energy but more importantly a waste of time! The way I saw things was that by the time I get into my first year of study I could have already walked into a job, worked my way up the ladder, earnt a lot of cash, and bought a mentor that can help me open my first business.

Unlucky for me, I fell into the trap of debt and lost time because of heading into an educational institution after dropping out of school at the age of 16. I had enough of school. I finished my last year of school off with some good grades that helped me pass and gain an entry level into Eastern Institution of Technology in Hawkes Bay. I went in there knowing my passion for fashion, styling and design. I wanted to get ahead with some information that I knew would help me when moving to Australia. What I wanted to learn was how to create designs, how to get in contact with manufacturers, how to create projects, pattern draft and start your own business. This course taught me exactly that! It was amazing. It wasn't about theory work, lectures, knowing fact 1 and fact 2. It was about doing the work, knowing the industry, and gaining knowledge and experience. We even were taught the fundamentals of business. It had everything I wanted to know. This is more of what I wanted to do, a practical course that could benefit me more than heading into university. A place and a course that could actually tell me how to start something, go off and build it on my own and not a University that spends a lot of time trying to just get you to slip quietly into the normal 9 – 5 job box that benefits the economy and the 1%.

I did that whole course in 2 years. Completed my course and graduated. During the 2 year course, my designs were up on the runways nationally around New Zealand. My designs had been seen on the front of newspapers, articles, photo shoots and more! To this day I am still being emailed to design and create some garments for fashion shows for which I feel truly honoured. 


I had completely learned how to sew, how to design, get in contact with manufacturers and even how to build a business plan. It gave me everything and more within a short amount of time plus a lower amount of debt - and because of knowing this and that that was all that was needed to kickstart my future. This just added even more of a reason as to why I never wanted to go to University.

Why would you when you can find something just as beneficial, for less money and time but for more practical knowledge? Beats me.

By Rusha Paenga

I am Rusha, a young kiwi traveler just booking flights around the world to explore more than what was put in my corner of paradise, called New Zealand. I like to blog about Travel and Lifestyle, particularly about my personal experiences but I am also looking into sharing tips, tricks and advice posts as well as reviews for food & drink, hotels and more! http://www.rumelepa.com 

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