My biggest female inspiration.

Thursday, 11 April 2019

There are so many amazing women making waves at the moment that there is no shortage of inspirational women to look up to. The biggest female inspiration for me though is the amazing comedian and author, Luisa Omielan.

Luisa is known for her “party” atmosphere approach to comedy playing songs throughout her shows, encouraging singing and dancing from her audience. While her shows may have a party feel she also tackles big issues, looking at mental health, relationships, body image and most recently has taken on politics. Her shows are uplifting and inspiring which is just one of the many reasons to love Luisa.

Her stance on mental healthMental health is discussed in all of Luisa’s shows to one degree or another. She looks at bereavement, depression and suicide. In her second stand up show; “Am I right Ladies?!” she discusses her own struggles with depression and in doing so advocates for more communication around mental health. She questions the messages that women receive everyday about how we should behave and how we should look, so why is it not in our faces that 1 in 4 people will struggle with their mental health at some point?

She’s against dieting“Stop dieting!” is one of Luisa rules to live by. While she champions having a good relationship with food and exercise she is against dieting. In a routine about thigh gaps that has had over 42 million views, she strips down to her pants and talks about her desire for everyone to feel good about themselves, saying: “You know when you wake up on Christmas morning’re so excited to see what’s under the wrapping paper. I believe bitches should feel like that every morning that they wake up and every night that you go to bed. You should be excited about what’s underneath your clothes, you should be proud.”

She stands up for what she believes inLuisa is often vocal about the things she believes and often call out hypocrisies and injustices. She has called out the double standards in slut shaming and the glass ceiling in comedy amongst other things. Most recently she’s turned her eye to politics to ask why we don’t demand better from the people who represent us. When she received threats for tweeting her views about politicians not being made accountable for their actions, rather than shrinking back from putting her opinions out there she made a routine out of it for her next show.

Her views on female empowermentHer latest stand up show “Politics for Bitches” was adapted into a TV series for the BBC. One of these six episodes focused on issues women are facing today such as equal pay. She is huge supporter of women having confidence in their skills to go out and fight for the careers they want. She calls out how women's age, body image or body size are used as currency to value women in a way that doesn’t happen to men. She has also talked about wanting to write a show about strong unheard of women throughout history.

She’s a husslerLuisa is not afraid of hard work to get things done. When she wanted to film her show for a DVD rather than wait for a production company to pick it up she used crowd funding to get it filmed. She graduated with the highest mark in her universities history and in 2018 she was named one of Bafta's Breakthrough Artists, which showcases the best up and coming talent in the UK. The fact that no other comedian had been featured before didn’t stop her applying and she became the first comedian ever to be a featured artist.

As well as her comedy shows and book Luisa has also founded a charity in her mother's name to provide home comforts to hospices around the U.K.
Luisa creates shows that are hilariously funny but also empowering and poignant. She doesn't always talk about comfortable topics but her ability to find the funny in dark situations is what makes her an incredible role model. I thoroughly recommend you check out her comedy if you ever need a boost.

Her first two stand up shows, “What Would Beyonce Do?!” and “Am I Right Ladies?!” can be viewed on Luisa’s Youtube channel.

Politics for Bitches is available on BBC iPlayer.

By Kate Teasdale

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