Why The UK Needs a People’s Vote - My Thoughts On Brexit

Tuesday, 9 April 2019

The original date of the United Kingdom leaving the EU has now passed, but the UK isn’t any closer to have any clarity towards Brexit. Technically, the UK should have left by now and taking steps to build a future out of the EU, yet we are still stuck dealing with the day in day out arguments at Westminster.

The terrorising thought of a no deal Brexit is quickly looming in closer and closer. Westminster MP’s are playing a dangerous game with the lives of the British public because they are stubborn and trying to further their own careers.

With all possible Brexit outcomes being continuously rejected, voters are being left more and more confused. How did we let things come this far? Teresa May is pulling at thin air right now trying to get her deal through, with it even being reported she’s going to try a fourth meaningful vote on her deal. When I hear this I ask myself, if she’s allowed to demand more than one vote why aren’t the British public? Even with the premise of her resignation if her deal gets passed, May still cannot get it through.

Scotland significantly voted to remain in the EU. Furthermore, Scottish people were promised in the 2014 Independence Referendum that voting no was the only way to secure our place in Europe. Scottish people want to see a future that we voted for, not one where we are dragged out of Europe by the chaotic shambles of this Conservative government.

Now is the time for politicians like Nicola Sturgeon and Jeremy Corbyn to seize the day to fix this mess. Rumours and reports of a possible INDYREF2 (A second Scottish independence referendum) have been brewing in the media for a while now, yet there is no direct confirmation. Scottish Greens leader Patrick Harvey is pushing for another independence referendum, stating now is the time for the Scottish National Party to make their plans.

The last parliamentary vote for the People’s Vote only lost by 12 votes – making this the current most popular vote, despite still losing. The growth of the Put It to The People march and the Final Say campaign is encouraging, however, without the backing of opposition leaders like Jeremy Corbyn, they aren’t going to get the traction they need. Corbyn has been increasingly criticised for his attitude towards leading, or lack thereof of the Labour Party though this Brexit mess.

People saying that a second referendum on Brexit is undemocratic couldn’t be further from the truth. One year ago, it might have been a different story – we didn’t know what a potential deal would look like, how shambolic the government would be whereas now we have a clearer idea of what Brexit may look like.

Think of it this way - if you’re going for dinner with 4 friends and agree on a restaurant but see that it’s been reported they’re known for serving up human skin and toenails in their food. Would the sensible thing to do be force your group of friends to go to this restaurant to eat toenails because of an already made agreement despite the situation changing completely, or just to decide to eat somewhere else? Would that be an undemocratic decision? No, because no one wants to eat toenails and skin.

You can probably guess my personal opinion on this is that I want to stay in the EU. In 2016 as much as I disagreed with the referendum results, I accepted it. I couldn’t vote and felt like my future was being taken away, however, I still accepted the decision of the electorate. I’ve tried to look for the light within this messy political tunnel, however, I just can’t see that now. Brexit seems like it is going to make everyone in this country worse off, for what? The sake of having blue passports instead of maroon.

If there was a people’s vote, and the result was the same – I would accept it once again. I just personally feel like too much has changed in this situation for the final say not to be given back to the people. After 3 years of chaos from this shambolic government, they owe it to the people of Britain to give us the final say.

By Siobhan MacDonald

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