4 Sustainable Fashion Brands That Won't Break Your Bank

Sunday, 26 May 2019

Consumers are becoming more and more interested in sustainability and sustainable alternatives for everyday items. The fashion industry has come out as being one of the most environmentally damaging industries in the world.

Fast fashion is appealing to most people because it’s cheap and easily accessible. However, garments created in the fast fashion industry are just not designed to last at all. We’ve all been there trying on dresses from online retailers and being unpleasantly surprised by see-through material and messed up hems.

This article is designed to share some environmentally friendly fashion brands that aren’t going to break our banks.


Pact is the best example of stylish, affordable and most importantly sustainable fashion. The clothes are made with only 100% organic cotton which are made in Fair Trade certified factories. 

Pact’s website promises to use natural, clean ingredients in their clothes meaning no toxic dyes and pesticides were used in the making of the clothing. Pact have sections for everyone – women, men, babies, kids and homeware bedding.

Shop Pact here.


The ethos of thought is centred around slow fashion making clothes designed to last with ethics at the centre of the business model including fabric sourcing as well as the design and production process. 

All clothing here is made from organic and eco-friendly cotton, bamboo and hemp used to make unique and stylish clothing. The brand ranges their designs from more than just basic things, Thought offers clothing perfect for night outs as well as comfy casual items.

Shop Thought here.

Know The Origin

Know The Origin is run by London College of Fashion graduate Charlotte Instone. After learning the reality of the unsustainable fashion industry, Charlotte founded KTO to create sustainable but beautiful clothing. 

KTO has a wide variety and range of clothing at reasonable prices as well as various sustainability packs. Various accessories include eco candles, ‘truthpaste’, tote bags, organic soap and re-useable facewipes.

Shop Know The Origin here.

Eco Vibe Apparel

This is one of the pricier brands on the list, BUT I personally think these clothes are the most stylish. The Eco Vibe website stocks more brands than just their own apparel as well, so there is a huge variety of brands to shop from such as – Dex Plus, LA Coalition, Nifty Genius and many others. 

Eco Vibe is also partnered with 1% For The Planet meaning 1% of all sales will be going back to this non-profit organisation to help protect forests, rivers and oceans and make agriculture and energy production more sustainable.

Shop Eco Vibe Apparel here.

Other Sustainability Tips
Shopping sustainable isn’t viable all the time, hence why fast fashion is such a huge industry. I tried to pick the brands that had prices most in line with the high street brands whilst also being on trend and desirable to potential customers.

Reducing our carbon foot print and being more environmentally conscious is up to all of us to make a difference, after-all there is only 11 years left to save the planet.

If everyone makes some small changes, then it can make a BIG difference. Instead of buying a pack of plastic toothbrushes which take 400 years to biodegrade, buy bamboo brushes which take 10 years to biodegrade. Buy metal/silicone/biodegradable single use straws instead of accepting plastic straws for your drinks on a night out.

For clothing, buy second hand – there are so many apps for selling and buying old clothes, think Depop and Vinted. These apps are a lifesaver, and all I’m relying on right now as I have put myself on a personal shopping ban. Charity shops are also amazing at finding great bargains for a fraction of a price.

By Siobhan Macdonald

Siobhan is a journalism student studying at Glasgow Caledonian University who also runs her own beauty, fashion and lifestyle blog: Forever Siobhan. She is a writer for other online publications and is interested in beauty, self-care and travelling. You will often find her drinking her weight in green tea and living in her pyjamas. 

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