It’s ok to be single and satisfied

Wednesday, 22 May 2019

Life is too short to be saddened by a relationship status. And it is absolutely OK to be single. Your singleness should be a time of celebration, but more importantly, a time to learn exactly who you are and what you desire to do in and with your life. 

In the past being single was a stigma and outsiders would question why you had not settled down. But today your singleness can be a source of empowerment. Being single offers originality, makes you special, distinguished, exclusive, exceptional and in some cases rare. I decided that being single is sort of like this: A rising star reaching the chart-topping experiences of a lifetime without being held down by boundaries. We are about to explore some exciting things to do while being single, ways to recreate your life as a single soul and how to become empowered during this phenomenal period in your lifetime.

Georgette, a 39-year old mother, says “being single is OK as long as you’re happy where you are, you can’t pay attention to being single. If someone can come in to add to the situation then that can be good. You have to be satisfied with your singleness. Become fulfilled with yourself & you won’t feel single.”

2019 is the year of the Boss Babe and it is the impeccable time to spread your wings as an entrepreneur. What are you passionate about? Hack the Entrepreneur offers 71 online business ideas, blogging, subscriptions ideas, online stores and the list goes on. If you’re good at planning events, baking, interior design and so forth, whatever, your niche may be, finding it during your single years can enhance this period of your life.

Fitness goals are easily met before children and spouses come into the picture. This is a perfect time to get in great shape, develop that physique and those healthy eating habits. gives great fitness and health tips, calorie counting, food portion tips and how to stay motivated during your fitness journey.

Always keep your passport current and travel can happen on a whim, especially, if you have a great set of travel buddies. Destination travel to London, Amsterdam, Canada, Alaska, New Orleans, and Las Vegas offers opportunity to learn new cultures, experience new cuisines and meet innovative and exciting people. I am by no means advocating for anyone to travel alone, but Trek Effect offers a variety of travel destinations, valuable information and resources. 

A career as a Traveling Nurse is opportunity that provides a nurse the option to be hired to work in a specific location for typically a 10-13 weeks as the nursing positions move around the country depending on where they are needed. This could be an opportunity to advance your career, find a new home or just to explore the country.

Radio Personality Lil D from 97.9, the Beat Dallas Forth Worth says that for her “being single is great because I have time to find myself. When you hit 30, your perspective is different. You’re more mature, your priorities are different. I have time to heal old wounds, learn to meditate and truly discover who I am. What do I like as a successful adult? How do I accomplish my goals? There are no distractions or obligations to another human. Also, I feel like you know what you want so you waste less time dating. A few conversations and you’re well aware if it’s going to work or not. Besides societal pressures to get married and have a family, there’s no negative side to it. It’s an adventurous journey on the path to self-discovery. Let me get myself together, then I’ll get a man.”

I don’t think I could have said it any better. Being single provides an opportunity to learn to love yourself, take yourself to the movies, dinner, and pamper yourself with a myriad of self-care tips. Becoming happy with who you are and what you want will definitely prevent you from settling. I would rather be single than just going through the motions with someone, settling for a relationship and just accepting something that really doesn’t make sense or make me happy.

By Tracy B.

2019 is the year for growing in many areas for Tracy and writing is one of the areas she wants to get back into.  She can be found at @theeventnetworkgroup & @spokenwordmotivation on Instagram providing event updates and daily inspiration.

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