Why The Time For Female Entrepreneurship Is Now

Wednesday, 29 May 2019

Isn’t it just so liberating knowing that women can take the world by storm?

I generally feel like we can, and we CAN do it repeatedly.

You know why?

Because there has never been a more successful outcome for women entrepreneurs than now.

I’m from New Zealand (NZ), which is literally so far away from every other place in the world. NZ probably surely has sexism, not that I’ve ever experienced it there. I know for sure it probably won’t be a lot. (Guys would get the bash, seriously lol)

I first witnessed and experienced sexism in such a strong form when I went to Germany. It was crazy, it was mind blowing (not in a good way), it was humiliating and degrading. To think I’ve just come from one of the most open minded countries for gender equality to a country that is meant to be considered a developed country...maybe materialistically, but with respect towards women in the work force or business related, my opinions hang slightly.

I had never come across men thinking I couldn’t do anything, men being shocked that I was able to do something they thought would be difficult for women, or men telling me I can’t be in such a position within an industry because I’m a woman. Now I’ll let you in on something, you say that to a woman in New Zealand you will for sure get slapped back to where you came from! No hesitations.

Women these days are the highest of achievers. Some start their own businesses in the fitness industry, even pre or post pregnancy! Some even have a business whilst juggling 3 kids and studying, talk about superwomen! A lot of women are entering the beauty industry, so many women are in the fashion industry, many women are opening startups of all kinds around the world. There has literally never been an easier time for a woman to strive and become an entrepreneur than now! It is the most liberating thing to know that millions of women are finally standing up and taking their position in the world with huge business ideas and changing the world to become a better place!

What is most liberating is knowing that we can now too take a stand in knowing that all women around the world are finally up against the big giants of entrepreneurships' that are dominated by many males. And I too am taking that stand. There has been a number of times where men will look at me negatively when I tell them my ideas about entrepreneurship. Insulting my intelligence by questioning me derogatorily. I would tell them that I have a small startup already and they would continue on to tell me that I should look more into it before getting started, that I should realise the risks, and that also I would look better working as a receptionist.

Two things: Every businessperson no matter what industry they go into should look deep into the risks of entrepreneurship and every person should make sure they’ve done their research before spending millions on a project that might not turn out well. For sure! But please don’t try and tell women that they’d look better as a receptionist, not only does that insult our self-worth but it insults our abilities.

Women entrepreneurship is growing, more and more every day. For instance, I have a community of women from all around the world. They are the most brave, inspiring and boss ladies I have ever met! They dictate their own pathway; they share the same interest in travel, and they make sure they empower more and more women out there to dream big! More ladies are getting into the idea of being their own girl boss, which is fantastic!

I have always dreamed to have become an entrepreneur; I knew I never wanted to work for anyone in the long run. I knew that I was set out to do something more with myself and achieve what others felt like they couldn’t. And this is the beginning, just seeing more ladies out their striving for their goals in such a male dominated subject liberates the lot of us. I can’t wait to see more of it.

By Rusha Paenga

Rusha Paenga is a Travel & More Blogger from New Zealand. She is a freelance writer for multiple magazines, founder of Global Girl Community and a wild spirit at heart. She enjoys working on new business ventures, sharing raw experiences from her past and present and delivers nothing short of LIFE.
You can contact her on her website: http://www.rumelepa.com
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