How To Survive Going Back Home During University Holidays

Monday, 10 June 2019

If you’re anything like me, going home for the holidays are not something I look forward too (although I should). I mean unless you go home for a weekend or two during the term, you don’t see your parents for a whole term, and you should look forward to that, right?

I spend so much time loving the independent life I have at University, being able to just do things in my own time. When I then go home and things are the opposite, well let’s put it this way, it can be...difficult.

Since being at University, I have made the duration I go home for, a time period I can survive. I find that two weeks away is okay but longer I start to go a bit crazy.

With the experiences I have had over the past few times I have used the University break to go home, I am happy to share the tips I have learnt.

1. Staying Busy

One thing I found that really helped me get through holidays is being busy. I hate being bored. If you are someone who misses being at University in the holidays, then avoid being bored over the breaks because it makes time go slower.

I for one got a job, so that I was working over the whole time. Otherwise maybe Travel (if you can afford to) or redecorating your room, are great things you can do to stay busy.

2. Making Plans

Something I encourage you to do which goes with keeping busy is making plans with friends, family, yourself. Or trying new things.

Trying and experiencing new things, makes the time you’re back at home more fun and interesting. It also gives you things to talk about with your friends when you reunite at Uni. Another thing you could do to make the holidays more bearable is make plans to visit your university friends.

3. Working

It can be difficult if all your friends at home work during the day, making it harder to plan something. So there's your answer, finding a job for over the holiday time is very helpful when it comes to keeping you busy and allowing the start date of University to come round quicker.

4. Preparing

Whether it is the Christmas holidays, Easter Holidays or Summer, prepare for the next term or university year ahead. Not only does this help you get excited for going back, but also prepares you for when you return. Especially in Summer, as you are likely to be moving to a different place to live the following September, so spend time getting the essential homeware items and pieces to make your room look good.

Although times away from University are hard, when you get used to it and find a way to love being at home for a suitable amount of time, you can make the most of your holidays, relax and reconnect with friends and family.

By Amelia Laing

Amelia is a University & Lifestyle Blogger and Youtuber, based in Portsmouth, United Kingdom. Currently studying Business and Management at the University of Portsmouth. Amelia enjoys exploring new places and trying new things but also giving people an insight to her life and sharing personal experiences with others.

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