The Tools Women in Business Utilise to Increase Productivity

Monday, 8 July 2019

Each morning I begin my day by reading my daily word and positive affirmation to help gain perspective and focus on the day before me.

Once my day has started and as I sit at my desk, with my computer in front of me, I put away my cellphone and other electronic devices & turn on some good music to help me focus and get into my work productivity zone. 

I prepare a “To Do” list the day before, so that I can mark off my task as I complete them. I maintain a log of task that I have completed, so that I can see me progress. Today, I decided to change my attitude about some of the assignments that I had before me, and the positive change helped me to tackle some less than desirable things with ease and peace. Lastly, I created a word document with notes and cross references to files and it helped me to organise my end product. What a great way to start my Monday, with order and productivity on a task that I have been avoiding for months.

Productivity is defined as, 'the quality, state, or fact of being able to generate, create, enhance, or bring forth goods and services'. It is further described, 'as efficiency, production, output, capacity, fruitfulness or richness'. 

What do you do to be productive?

Elaine, a single mother, says she gets up early, plans ahead, determines her end goal, determines her “Why” and lastly, stays positive and envisions herself at the finish line. Organisation is extremely important to Elaine's day as she has over an hour commute daily, so she does not have a lot of time to play around.

Objectives, re-organisation and the proper balance can be imperative to your effectiveness.

According to Cambridge Dictionary the introduction of new working practices can dramatically improve productivity; the right balance between quality and productivity is imperative, and the payback for reorganisation should be increased productivity.

Kelli, a clothing brand entrepreneur, says "I make time to get out the house to work. I find being at home causes me to get too distracted."

5 Tools to increase productivity, according to Lifehack include planning your day, establishing a routine, prioritising task, taking breaks, and lastly ensure your mind and body are healthy.

Our mind and body need to be fed daily to include eating a healthy breakfast, getting up from your task to take a quick walk, exercise several times during the week and drink plenty of water. Make sure that you get in the proper amount of rest and sleep each night to keep you going and to help reduce the intake of caffeine.

What are other women and entrepreneurs doing to maintain their productivity?

Latarsha, a Mary Kay Consultant, says "Using a planner improves my productivity. In my business, being organised and intentional with my time is important. I find that mapping out my dates, writing out goals and tracking them, and keeping important notes is necessary for my success. I can see my goals along the way and track them. I can look back on successful weeks and see what I was doing that made it a great week. Incorporating to-do lists daily also keeps me on track and productive"

Lisa, the CEO of Aroma Whips says “I keep my 'to-do' list in an electronic calendar with an alarm reminder. Since I have so many things to keep up with, having activities scheduled ahead of time helps me not to plan any other activity in their place. The reminder is usually set 45 minutes before I have to start on an activity. This keeps my mind focused on the next 'to-do' item. And also helps me to successfully juggle any last minute tasks that may arise"

There are a number of digital tools that can assist with productivity. Some of my favourites are Canva, Splice for video creation, and Square Fit. A quick Google search will help you to find additional tools to assist with your increased productivity.

Let us know how you get on in the comments!

By Tracy B.  

Tracy B. is a graduate of Norfolk State University with a B.A. in Journalism and Public Relations and Troy State University with a M.S. in Human Resources Management. She is the founder of Spoken Word Motivation and the Social Media Manager of Isley Entertainment, LLC. You can find her on Instagram @spokenwordmotivation and @theevent_network providing daily motivation and inspirational messages. Check out her motivational videos and Subscribe on YouTube with Spoken Word Motivation with Tee

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